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Pigs can be fed with minerals


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no mods

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Pigs can be fed with minerals.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Start the game.

2. Resume any exciting slot or create a new one.

3. Find some pig.

4. Mouse over any mineral you've got (flint, rock, gold, nitre).

5. Drag it and hover on pig. "Give" appears.

6. Give it to him. One item is consumed providing no effects on pig (neither manure or "YOU IS GOOD").







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This is not a bug, as JanH stated. Actually, it's something you can use at your advantage : they are unlimited storage units and they will give you everything back when they die. They are also immune to spontaneous combustion (in the summer) so they are a nice to keep your stuff.


You can lock a pig inside walls (be careful on the full moon it doesn't aggro you and destroy the walls) and just use it for storing stuff you won't need immediately but you don't want to lose. When the time comes, just kill the pig (try to avoid fire though) and get your stuff back.


I call them "piggy banks" =)

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