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[Crash] Don't Starve crashes with Fraps, unable to restart

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Karisuto    10

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Don't Starve crashes with Fraps, unable to restart

Steps to reproduce

Start up Fraps (my version 3.4.7).

Start up Don't Starve.

Select "Disable Fullscreen".

Adjust window size of Don't Starve.


Describe your issue

I wanted to use Fraps together with Don't Starve to check the framerates/framedrops when walking trough misty cemetaries.

(I do have some lag in misty cemetaries)

So I started up Fraps, then Don't Starve.

-I noticed that the FPS wasn't displayed on the Don't Starve screen.

-I also noticed that the Don't Starve screen flicked on and off every 3 seconds or so (think this is Fraps freshing).

So I thought if I window Don't Starve I'm able to see the FPS on my desktop.

I diabled "Fullscreen" at the settings menu, adjusted the size of the window, but the FPS was missing also on my desktop.

So I clicked Fraps to see where the FPS should be located.

Once I did that Fraps crashed and Don't Starve crashed.

Now I'm unable to use Fraps.

Fraps says "There is a problem initialising DirectX 9"

"Please ensure your video drivers are up to date and have the latest version of DirectX installed"

So I updated it directly from the MS Windows-website, but the installer says my direct X is up to date.

Now I'm unable to use Don't Starve.

Steam says "Error during initialisation"

I uninstalled Don't Starve, downloaded it and started it up saying again "Error during initialisation"

Hope to have informed you well,

I'm off searching a way to get Don't Starve running again.

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Karisuto    10

Rebooting the computer worked!

Fraps and Don't Starve both work fine now.

For now I will not use Fraps together with Don't Starve, maybe I'll check later (after a new update or something) if it crashes again.

Found the version number of Don't Starve in the dont_starve/bin/log.txt file as well:

Don't Starve: 70828

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