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[Gameplay] burned enemies can troll you

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burned enemies can troll you

Steps to reproduce

1) fuel a fire camp to the max

2) one enemy mob (for example a hound or guardtree) must be near

Describe your issue

When a hound, hellhound, guardtree and... ¿bees?! pass near to a full fueled firecamp they are on fire but there are no animation-visual effect about the fire.

So a treeguard (for example) will suffer damage per second and when you come to close to stab him you will suffer fire damage.

Enemies on fire lose Hp/sec but they dont act like "attacked" and they dont get stuned (for example: when you hit a hound, it "bounce" to the ground like when you hit spiders and they get "stuned" for a second).

if a burned mob pass throw your berries, grass and stuff it will burn like trees.

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