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[Characters release] Wakkari and Wayrra DST

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Foxrai    12

Since everything seems to work fine let me introduce:


Wakkari the Red Fox and Wayrra the Arctic Fox for DST


Wakkari is a member of south fox tribe from far away lands. One feral day he get's dragged to Maxwell's world, during tribal event - Festival of Ancient Spirits, together with Wayrra the Arctic Fox of northern tribe. 

HP: 200,
Hunger: 150,
Sanity: 170

*Runs a bit faster
*Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat
*Can build up hound mound (which can be disadvatage is used uncarefully)
*Eats only meat
*Beefalo's hates him (probably for eating them...)

HP: 140,
Hunger: 150,
Sanity: 210

*Freezes slower during winter
*Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat
*Can build create Sanity Orb, which increases sanity for fixed period of time
*Eats only meat
*Beefalos hate her 
*Has her own weapon - Orb Staff
*Loves spiders... for dinner (gains a tiny amount of sanity by killing them)


Note: both Wakkari and Wayrra arts are my own creations, not based on any other art/cartoons/books/movies etc. Since there have been few questions - I would like to NOT see their art beeing used for different character mods here, mainly because they are part of bigger projects, not related with Don't Starve game series. 


Thank you for understanding and for all those positiveness they got from you yet! Enjoy :-)



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