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[Exploit] bee mines - bees atacking pigs (entering house)

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Baadco    10

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bee mines - bees atacking pigs (entering house)

Steps to reproduce

made bee mine, made bee hive in location.

Describe your issue

Now in location anything that attack me produce bees, bees spawn when pig try to enter house (1 bee at pig so naturaly it starts attacking in 2 sec after spawning) and then pigs are respawning but are too scared to go outa house so as
as sun rise you hear all the time sound of door opening every 5 sec or so. Pig houses are no longer lighted at night, after demolishing house with hammer pig spawns and attack me ( so bees spawns and attack her.)

Bees also spawns at this location when bee is attacked by something except me...tree monster got pretty funny spawn of 20 bees attacking him thx to that.
I will need to run to another location...too many bees to move freely

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