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Please don't destroy our camps!

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Mafalda    10

Hi this is one of the games I liked the most in years!

But I get really unmotivated when I die and have to start all over again, can't you create a mode where you re-spawn somewhere but without losing your progress? I love building up my camp, and also would love to be able to build a hut with everything, a fireplace replacing the fire camp outside, where it would take a brick by brick building using a lot of resources, that would allow me to be motivated to play for years! :D

I love everything about the game, except the whole start over and over... this way I will only play for the 20th time once the new update comes...

Hear my wishes! :) I wan't to be a collector and a constructor survivor !post-6296-13764589824756_thumb.jpg

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Syd    233

Well, freeplay is planned to have adjustable parameters, so being able to respawn after death without the help of an effigy or amulet could be made possible.

I'm not so sure about the upcoming story mode. Maybe it'll get an easy mode, maybe they'll stick to the game's roguelike nature for that mode and not allow respawning without the aid of items. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

For the meantime, make meat effigies and collect (and remember to wear if you're about to die) amulets.

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