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[Gameplay] Health wont regen

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playfulkit    10

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Health wont regen

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I dont entirely know how this happened.

Playing on the test map though

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I'm playing as the strong man, decided to live on the edge and camped in a place surrounded by spiders. My nights are now quite entertaining.. Well one night I bit off much more than I could chew.. had about 5 health when it was all said and done. Now I'm eating my cooked meats (from ze pigmens) my cooked berries and so forth.. my hp goes up after eating said food but then immediately decreases again. So i'm sitting at 5 hp eat somethin that brings me up to 11 then immediately it goes 'zing' right back to 5 :/

I'm playing on a map generated by the new 'test build', running around with my rugby (football) helmet and a backpack.. I have a full stomach and nothing I eat regens my health.

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