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Mod is randomly messing up..(No more anim files?)

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Safey    2

Alright, alright. I also need help. I am working on my first mod, and she was going fine. her prefab file was fine and working, and everything was in order. I drew like 80% of her images and they were working fine. Was a little possum girl, looked like this (I wasn't done with the tail,torso and a few other things)

Was running entirely smoothly. But then all the sudden the compiler no longer wants to make her anim zip? I've tried doing it from the command prompt, starting compiler manually AND even the compiler.cmd that someone else made. It's not working at all anymore. I tried literally putting all the files in a zip myself and that makes her entirely invisible.
When invisible she still says things she should, and can pick grass/berries etc.
I also went back into the default template files to make sure I didn't accidentally delete something that should be there, and everything looked the same..
Does anyone know why the anim folders randomly stop being made up by the compiler? 

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