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The puppet and the puppet master (fanfiction)

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Nimra    653

Chapter 9 ~ The enemy of my enemy is my friend


Wilson looked around to see where the voice came from. He all ready knew who it was


“hello pal, I'm surprised to see you here. How did you find this place...Hmmm blocking your thoughts now are we? Fine, lets just talk, what are you here for?” Maxwell said annoyed

“I'm hear to stop you, and get out of here” Wilson said determinedly

“really, and how do you think your going to do that, hey?”

as Maxwell talked he walked out of the shadows, smiling. Wilson took the chance and charged at Maxwell, but as Higgsbury got close Maxwell vanished and appeared on the other side of the room. Wilson skidded to a stop and turned to charge again, but as he did a shadow lifted up and tripped him, Wilson fell to the floor.

“How do you expect to win when everything is against you in this world, HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Wilson used this moment to plunge his sword in to Maxwell's side, Maxwell staggered holding his wound, then stood up strait again

“Your silly little weapon has no effect on me.”


To Wilson's horror, as Maxwell talked his wounds were healing back up, Wilson took a step back 'oh no what have I done I can't beat him, wait my arm' Wilson held his arm.

“LEAVE ME ALONE MAXWELL!!” Wilson shouted,

but instead of one of his shadows fiends coming to help him, a stab of pain went through his arm making it shake violently. Then thousands of voices exploded in to Wilson's head, whispers and shouts, he collapsed his head pounding from the sound.

“You dare to shout at me! It seems you still haven't learnt your lesson about manners,”

shadow hands came from the darkness and grabbed Wilson's arms and legs, so he couldn't move

“now, what is this?” Maxwell said interested

One of the hands forced Wilson's shadow arm up, so Maxwell could inspect it as it did a voice popped in to Wilson's head

“my time to shine, sorry old friend but I have to borrow your body one last time.”


Just as Wilson was about to shout no, he felt himself leave his body and float up in to the world again, he looked around. Knowing he could go anywhere, but knowing there is only one place he wanted to be, he zoomed to the cave and dipped down, looking around he saw Wes and Willow being shouted at. 'Probably for not telling her I left' Wilson thought, he wished he had never left and was with them right now. Eating Wes' great food that he could make out of nothing, watching Willow burn things-she had a dangerous obsession with fire-well that's if she wasn't pranking somebody. And Wendy, just being able to talk to somebody else his age, that seemed to understand him maybe even better than he did.


As Maxwell watched Wilson's body went limp, then a down right crazy expression entered his face and he started laughing


Maxwell thought maybe he had really gone insane,

hey pal you don't look so good, haha it's been awhile”Mycroft said mockingly.

“Mycroft! What have you been doing? you haven't come back to me once” Maxwell said angrily

“Well this is no way to treat your new master, is it”

Mycroft waved his hand, and the shadow hands let go of Wilson vanishing back in to the void. Maxwell stepped backwards, Mycroft got to his feet brushing himself off

“what do you mean new master?”

“Well in short I've been talking with 'them' and I made some deals, they give me a body and your powers, and I follow there every command down to the T unlike you. They were very willing, so guess what? they said yes”

at this moment Maxwell felt the power drain from his body,

“but don't worry I have a lovely prison cell for you oh and I can't forget Wilson.” Mycroft said joyfully

“Don't you still need him?” Maxwell said warily

“not anymore, with these new powers I'll be able to make myself a new body.”


As Maxwell watched Wilson's body split in to two exact copies, one the original collapsed to the floor, the other, black and white, walked towards Maxwell laughing.

“Isn't this fantastic, my own body, my own powers, what I always deserved.”

At this moment Wilson was floating around the cave base, then he felt himself coming back to his body. Then Wilson was himself again, he fell too the floor but found enough energy to lift his head, what he saw was not a good scene. Maxwell was being crushed by a shadow hand, with what looked like himself standing next to him, Wilson's vision started to get hazy again; His head was so heavy he couldn't hold it up anymore. As he lay on the ground, his consciousness fading, a face entered his vision but it was too foggy to see who it was, but they were laughing, then everything went black.


Wilson opened his eyes groggily and shook his head,

“well, at least your still alive” somebody said with a cough

Wilson looked around. The room was like the one he was in before, there were walls but they were invisible, giving the impression that the room went on for ever. His hands were chained to the wall, and sitting on the other side of the room was Maxwell, chained in the same way.

“Thanks. I'm sure that was so sincerer”Wilson said sarcastic

Maxwell frowned, “no need to be so negative, pal.”

“Oh shut up, I'm trying to think of a way out”

“hahaha! Why would I still be here if there was a way out”

Wilson glanced up at his shadow arm, 'You would probably be able to get me out of this, but what about what happened last time. Well I might as well try' Wilson tensed his arm, and concentrated on getting out of the chains, as he did a shadow hand rose from the ground. Maxwell stared, shocked at what Wilson had just done.


“Break the chains, if you please” Wilson commanded

the hand slashed out. It's claws connected with the metal and broke, Wilson rubbed his wrists and got up walking towards the exit.


Wilson stopped and turned

“and why would I help you? All you've done is ruin my life”

“you will never find your way out of here, not without me”

he started walking away again, but stopped a conversation between Wendy and him ringing through his head.


So.....Maxwell's your father”

NO! Maxwell is not my father. William Cater is. I know he's still in there..... somewhere”

So you want to save him then?”

Yes I would do anything to save him.”


Wilson sighed, and the shadow hand sliced Maxwell's chains, he stood up brushing dust off his suit.

“I knew you'd see it my way”

“it's not what you said, this may be hard for you to believe, but somebody wants to keep you alive, and I will do as they say.”

“Hmmm I have a fan, how nice.......I wonder...”

Maxwell reached out his hand, and grabbed Wilson's shadow arm, a zap of pain went down the entire of Wilson's arm. He wrenched his arm from Maxwell's grip, and glared at him.

“Sorry didn't mean to hurt you, I was just looking, should I lead” Maxwell said interested


They walked in silence, Maxwell was seemed wary 'it's weird seeing him like this, he's usually a bowl full of confidence, then again that means what ever is out there is even worse than Maxwell.' Wilson tried to think back to before he past out, 'that guy looked like me but' everything was still to fuzzy.


'I wonder if I should tell him.'

Wilson looked round at Maxwell, but he wasn't talking, his mouth wasn't even open.

'Hmmmm, yes if I'm ever going to get back on the throne he's going to have to help me, and if he learns how to use though powers properly, he will be a good weapon.'

“HEY! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WEAPON!” Wilson shouted furiously

Maxwell's head whipped round,

“you heard what I said? then indeed I was right”

“what do you mean?”

“I will tell you, but first a deal, you will stay with me and help me”


Maxwell thought for a second and then started to explain, it was back in Maxwell past when he first came to this place, well to his knowledge anyway his memory's from those times were foggy. When Maxwell arrived there was no world, just the void and them a great dark power, the ones that dragged everybody here. They told Maxwell that they could make a world for him, by taking parts of them selves and spreading them around in the void, Maxwell said yes and within a day the world was made, and had been growing ever since, the fragments of them are still in the world and hold large quantities of power.


“I thinks that this is what you found, and what is now in your arm”

Wilson looks down at his arm and said

So does that mean that there's a bit of them in me?”Wilson said worriedly

Maxwell nodded. Then there was silences once more, as they continued walking. Wilson thought about what Maxwell had just told him. 'What if it does something to me?' Wilson sighs deeply, 'don't think about that, just concentrate and keep your guard up, Maxwell can never be trusted' as Wilson was thinking they reached the surface. Light blinded Wilson for a second, then his eyes adjusted and he could see again, but it was a orange sun that blinded him and it was sinking quickly.

“We need to find some grass and wood, and get a fire set up” Wilson said determinedly

of course, what ever you say” Maxwell said mockingly.

Wilson ignored what Maxwell said, and looked for what he needed.


Soon enough the darkness had consumed everything for another night, but Wilson and Maxwell were safe by a fire, Maxwell had dropped of awhile ago but Wilson couldn't sleep. One he didn't trust Maxwell, and two his mind was so full of thoughts; plans, people, problems, and one small part of him, that wanted to just stand up and walk in to the darkness ending it all. He tried to push these thoughts away but he couldn't, as he sat there consumed by his own thoughts, he made a plan 'If I take Maxwell to the others they can deal with him. And I can go back in to the wilderness, to find a way out of here.'


Soon Wilson's eyes were too heavy to keep open, and as he shut them he saw a pair of huge white eyes open in the darkness, and a massive mouth that slowly turned in to a smile. He was sure he had seen them before, but couldn't quite put his finger one it. He slowly drifted off to sleep, and everything was silent in the camp, except for the crackle of the fire and an occasional snore from Wilson. Then the atmosphere changed, the face got closer hovering just out side the boundary of light, and two dark hands slithering across the ground. Towards the fire posed to snuff it out.


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