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backpack, reverse fill, and tool swap

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The backpack thing is annoying... I'm sure it's already been posted about several times.

On top of that, when you use items, it takes it out of the first slot you have it in, not the stack that has the lower amount. Example: You have 43 grass and 22 wood (full stacks of grass and wood plus 3 and 2). You build a fire. Now, you have a stack of 38 grass, 3 grass, 18 wood, and 2 wood. Now I have to play inventory nazi again, just like the backpack problem. It would be nice if you threw in something that used up items from the lowest stack first.

When you pick up items when your inventory is full, it goes to your mouse/action slot. It would also be nice if you could continue to pick up the same items and instead of throwing them around to add them to your mouse/action slot.

I would really like the tools to actually "swap" locations. Right now when you right click (or hit the number) it puts that tool in your hand - and the tool that was in your hand goes into the first available slot instead of the slot that the other tool came out of.

Enjoying the game, keep up the good work.

And the football helmet should go under armor.

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Karisuto    10

If you check the "Bug Tracker" section and "Known Issues" section.

The problem has already been addressed.

Also check this link for similar issues.!-D

Kind regards, Karisuto

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