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Suggestion about Mining!

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blinko    10

We need to have a rock quarry where there is an abundance of rock to mine! This is just s suggestion of course but I find myself very limited to rocks spawning.

And perhaps longer Day/Night cycles. So you can do more during the day like farming, planting and taking care of animals and traps etc..

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mobius187    30

The two most common suggestions for boulders (i.e. stone/flint/gold resources) are:

1) Underground Caverns Biome - Another map is generated once the player descending via a crevasse into underground caverns and these tunnels would have various new resources, but among them would be many boulders, as one might expect. The boulders, while numerous, would still be finite.

2) Volcanic/Lava Biome - A biome that is comprised of lava pools, steam vents, and barren stone. Every cycle an earth tremor would cause an eruption of lava and send boulders shooting up from various lava pools into the air and they would land randomly around the area. A very dangerous biome, it would allow for an infinite supply of boulders.

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