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How to optimizing my dedicated server?

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Atena    1

Hi, I built a dedicated server use the specification:


  CPU: Intel E3-1231V3 3.4G Hz

  RAM: 8G DDR3 1666 MHz

  HDD: SSD 256 G

  OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1


  Server Name: [TW]Atena's World

  Type: Endless

  Days: 1450 Days

  Max Players: Setup 64, real max playaers: 20 players

  Speed up for Disk I/O, I build dedicated server in the ram dsik.


 Initially, 20 players in the server is good host. But it run after 500 days(game days), the server show OKHost or BadHost at 12-14 players. Now we already run over 1400 days. 10 players are limited, and often show badhost.


 We consider the reason for badhost is spawned too many items. And try modify lua code, let useless item could be auto fueled.


 Like this:


    inst.components.fueled.fueltype = FUELTYPE.USAGE
    if inst.components.fueled then


 We hope it can auto remove useless items. It's seems working. We run 10 players until 1200 - 1300days. After 1300 days, the server just 9 players can play.


I have some question following:


 1.Please tell me how to scan the map items and delete item (dropped items) by mod or lua(offline is OK).

 2.The dedicated server seems not work multi-cores. 

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Maris    229

1) Foodie mod - most of organicl items are perishable!

2) Burnie mod - almost all items are burnable!

3) Optimizer mod (not published yet) or just world with low resources.

4) No Walls mod (each wall is an object)

5) Killer's Traps mod (or Traps x10 mod)

​6) Kramped World mod 

7) Probably Cannibalism mod (gives motivation to destroy skeletons or even bases)

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jrose78    21

as i understand it the lua engine doesnt do multi-core? (something i read in another post)


This part I find to be crazy. I have 4 cores and I can only use 1 on my server? Is this common for server apps and I am just ignorant? I am currently running DST on an i5 but I tried moving it to an amd 5000+ dual core and I watched as core 1 got to 100% after like 8-9 users and there is core 2 sitting at 5%. Now core 2 asked if it could help out core 1 but core 1 just kept saying "no no, I got this!" even though it really didn't.


This is an email I got from a game server company that at this time will only sell a 64 player slot. Lol there is no way I would allow 64 players in a map. Can you imagine that.


"At this time we're not offering lower slot plans until Klei develops the game more.

With 10 players online, it will use 100% of a core on an E3-1240v3, however not the entire CPU as their server program is not multicore coded"




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