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[Gameplay] R.O.G. | Tool and WX-78 glitches

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Comonavi    10

While playing Reign of Giants, I found two bugs. When WX-78 examines a Fire Pit, his usual comments are replaced by Wilson's, shown by the screenshot I've uploaded. This doesn't occur with the Campfire or the two Endothermic fires. I'm assuming it has something to do with how, like when creating mod characters, that Wilson's text is the default. The other glitch I found occurs whenever a (from what I remember) spear, axe, luxury axe, pickaxe, or opulent pickaxe is used to the breaking point. Instead of the tool being destroyed, it stays in your hand at 0% until you move it into your inventory, which makes it disappear. While it's at 0%, trying to move the character only makes them say "I can't do that." rapidly until you stop trying to move around.. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to happen recently, but if it happens again I'll post a picture of it in the comments, if that's possible. I'm hoping these are already known and are planned to be fixed in the next update, but if they're not I at least hope I drew attention to them.


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