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[Performance] Chrome not updating Steam having the Bufferissue


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Chrome not updating Steam having the Bufferissue

Steps to reproduce

In the Steam Version:

Well, i start the game over the Steam Library. The game comes up, music plays and i get the Window called Graphics Error: "Error processing render buffer command Initialize Texture"

In the Chrome Version:

I wanted to evade the Problem by playing the Chrome Version (although i really would prefer to use the Steam one).

It starts the update for the game till the file called static.zip and then stops (ironic i guess). After that the background picture (the games logo plus the two scribbled clawing hands) disappear to black and nothing happens any more.

A Bar on the bottom of the Window reads:

Don't Starve Beta 70861

Describe your issue

My PC'S Specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual-Core Processor TK-57 1.90 GHz

3,00 GB RAM

and it is a 32Bit System

and my Graphics Card is apparently: ATI Radeon X1200 Series

My Drivers are Up to Date and the Hotfix for the Problem with the Steam Version

detailed here in the forum doesn't work for me.

A few details that maybe interesting to know:

After the update wich came before the last update (that i got today 21.12.2012 via Steam updating the game) i could play the game normally. I also put the game in fullscreen mode via the options menue.

Even then i could play normally (although the screen wouldn't cover up the whole desktop).

Only after i died (from a damn unthankfull tree that i had planted there myself) and then closed the game via the red x Button that is on the top right corner off every Windows... errm window, i got the "Error processing render buffer command Initialize Texture".

I am actually a bit miffed by now, cause i can't play this game whatsoever and no solution seems to work. I think this machine should be able to handle the game so i hope someone can fix this or give me a hint in regards to what is to do to get it running.

If it helps to motivate you: I am one of the few who bought Mark of the Ninja on XBoxLive Arcade.

Thanks, Felixader

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