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[Gameplay] Bee pathfinding


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Bee pathfinding

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make patch of 10 flowers close together

plant beehive

wait until it happens

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Whenever patches of flowers are placed close together there is a chance that a bee will "spaz out" between two flowers. It looks like she is shaking fast from left to right. When you go to the flower patch and remove one flower manually the bee eventually continues with the normal collecting behavior. When the evening comes the bee will fly back to the beebox normally, even if she is "spazzed out" before. The next day the bee will not automatically return to the "bugged" flower, but instead collect nectar normally. So this bug does not have a huge effect on beekeeping, but you will eventually see it happen and notice it.

I think the bee wants to go to a flower and is blocked by another flower? Or maybe she cannot decide to which flower to go when two are very close together?

I cannot find the box with the version number, sorry. I play the spiderqueen update that just came out + hotfix. Sorry if this had been reported before.

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