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Effect of New Map Generator on Turtling Strategies

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uhmdown    10

I find that the new map generator has made turtling much more enjoyable, yet at the same time much harder to actually achieve.

Among some of the effects:

1. Pigs and beefalos are at least 1-3 islands away, and usually with spider nests all over the place. So acquiring dung is much more risky.

2. There are spider nests everywhere, so travelling is just riskier in general.

3. The different biomes are farther apart, so finding a sweet spot from which to turtle involves more compromise than before.

4. Pig King is harder to find, cutting me off from easy gold access, which in turns cuts off easy access to gold tools and other luxury items. This also forces me to be wise about how to use my flint resources.

And many many more. I have to make strategic and tactical decisions much more often, and I LOVE it.

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