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[Gameplay] Items all locked again, research points at 0


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  • Chrome

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Items all locked again, research points at 0

Steps to reproduce

The issue appeared when I opened the game after updating chrome, and is a permanent issue during gameplay.

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After I updated Chrome, I continued my game only to find that my research points had been reset to zero, and everything I'd unlocked was now locked again! It took me quite a few games (and a fair amount of gravedigging and ghost-dodging) to unlock everything, and to have to go through that again without the help of graveyard items is pretty daunting. I still have all of my items from when I unlocked them the first time around, like my gold tools and alchemy engine, but I just can't make any new ones.

I'd really love to get back into playing, is there anyone else who has this problem, or any way it can be fixed?

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