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First Art Posting: He almost got away with it.

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JABAGGaming    10

Hi there guys, hope you are all well.


I wanted to post this as it is my first attempt at doing some Don't Starve art, and I was hoping for some feedback on how I could improve my drawing and maybe on some background ideas? :grin:


The character is my boyfriends YouTube avatar that I have drawn (tried) into the Don't Starve world after he experienced an unfortunate incident, in Don't Starve Together, trying to collect spider glands in the swamp. I tried to warn him, but well... he would not listen. I couldn't resist drawing him trying to run off with his spoils, fortunately he got out alive and still is to this day. 


I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say :-)


Thanks a lot guys and cheerio for now.



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geni0529    2036

Thanks a lot :grin: I will get on with another. Do you do much drawing yourself? :-)


I Used to have an art thread and im thinking about reviving it.

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