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[Gameplay] Level-Up Glitch

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Snackyou    24

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Level-Up Glitch

Steps to reproduce

Play game however long you want. Quit game. Start new world.

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I was playing Dont starve and was on my 107th day. My father wanted to join me in my travels, so i quit the one i was in and started a new save. Because I did not leave the game by dieing it gave me no levels whatsoever and (from my knowledge) there is no way to recover the save. I know this isnt the biggest issue because leveling up isnt a big aspect of the game, but it left me feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. I hope this entry will stop this from happening in the future, because it really made me want to rage quit.

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Wade    300

Yes, sadly the experience is awarded once you die, rather than being awarded as you progress.

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