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[Crash] - Crash when going next to the vault console

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Crash when going next to the vault console
Issue Description: In a Vault mission, the game crashed as soon as Shalem got next to the console that opens the vaults. I didn't even get an error, the game just crashed to desktop. Tried to start the game again and load the savegame, but I always get to the same error message (see the screenshot). I will also attach the savegame.


Please note that there are several strange icons in the "actions" area in the screenshot that I think were not there before the first crash.



Steps to Reproduce: 1.- Played the game as usual until Shalem got next to the console that opens the vaults (the ones with money).
2.- Game crashed to desktop without any error message. Please note that the game crashed before I clicked the icon to "use" the console.
3.- I started the game again and loaded the savegame, but now I get an error (see the screenshot).

I will attach the screenshot of the error message and the savegame.

To reproduce with my savegame, load the 3rd savegame (Deckard and Shalem).


PS: The game version I was using is the latest build available now ( Early Access 20.01.15 ).

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