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[Graphics] Game objects do not display correctly at high res


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Game objects do not display correctly at high res

Steps to reproduce

Set settings as follows:

Fullscreen: Enabled

Resolution: 2560x1600

Start a new world and check the opening cinematic for the first issue. Walk around a bit to see the second issue in action.

Describe your issue

In the little scene at the start of the game, your own character shows up briefly then disappears, and the person talking to you never shows up at all (including text for whatever he is saying). Additionally, once in the game world, various game objects don't load visually at all. I can hover over what looks like empty ground and see a tooltip indicating an item is there despite being invisible, and after walking a bit further see the object finally load properly.

I did a 2 minute stream recording so you can see my symptoms in realtime.

This occurs whether or not I am streaming, so isn't an issue with my streaming software. You'll notice things sometimes appear directly next to my character, so it isn't a matter of some sort of "sight distance" either.

Other features of my computer which may be relevant to a graphics issue: I have dual monitors (of different sizes), two nVidia 580's in SLI, and use color correction profiles. Hopefully this one gets squashed
so I can enjoy this great game at my monitor's native res!

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  • Developer

Sorry to hear about the issue. I'll have our team look at addressing this issue.

If you set the resolution to a lower setting, does the issue still occur, or is it only at that particular resolution?

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Seems to only occur at that resolution. At both one click down (2048x1536) and the next lower widescreen resolution (1920x1200) I see none of the same problems. I also can't get the problem to occur in windowed mode at all, though I'm limited in the sizes I can make a window (looks like it forces 16:9, so I can't utilize my entire monitor space in windowed). I did discover another bug while messing with windowed mode which I'll see if it's in the known issues and if not will post another report about.

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