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[Gameplay] Tree Guard will only burn once


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Tree Guard will only burn once

Steps to reproduce

1.Find Tree Guard

2.Bring through fire

3.Wait for it to stop burning

4.Bring through fire again

5.Doesn't burn

Describe your issue

After you have set the Tree Guard alight once, it will not burn if taken through a fully fueled campfire again. I have tried creating more campfires but the Tree Guard still doesn't burn (I am certain that the campfire is at its strongest). This isn't just a graphical glitch as there is no burning sound and it will not set other things on fire. As far as I'm aware it doesn't take damage either. The only way to make it burn again is to save and quit and then start the game again, however it will still only burn once and restarting the game also takes away the Tree Guard's aggressiveness until hit by the player again, so basically I have a peaceful Tree Guard hanging around my base now.

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  • Developer

Oh, a two for one bug!

For the Treeguard not lighting on fire twice, we should be able to fix that quite easily.

For the Treeguard not being aggro after save/load, it's something we've been aware of for awhile, we're just trying to figure the best way to address the AI on reload.

Thanks for letting us know!

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