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Custom Item Art Space

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MattDoesnt    4

Hello, I'm working on a custom sleeping item, and I'm not quite sure how to go about making the art.


I'm basing it on the bedroll : W8CpaaC.png


And this is my (very rough) concept art: 1c96713a20df5680d0a0a14f33dd74f4.png


I'm wondering how the game will accept it, as I haven't gotten the actual mod working and am unable to test it, so I figured I'd just ask about how it works in theory.


Will I be fine if I just replace the art within some sort of accepted area?  Is there any way to expand the area?  Im interested in expanding the area, because the concept art is not my first choice of animation, it's just what I came up with in the limited amount of space I assume I have to work with.


Any input is appreciated!

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rezecib    3154

@MattDoesnt, You can replace the art, but if you want to change the mask (the thing that determines what parts of the texture are actually shown, and which are transparent), you'll have to make your own Spriter project and compile it. It's a bit intimidating the first time, but once you get it down, it's not too bad, at least for things that only have a couple of animations. Since the process for it is the same as in DS single-player, the best guides you'll find will be on the DS mods forum. Here's a couple of pages that I found useful:

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