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[Performance] Aspect Ratio causes interaction displacement

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Moonphos    20

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Aspect Ratio causes interaction displacement

Steps to reproduce

Maximise Windowed Mode to 16:10 aspect Ratio.

Describe your issue

A little hard to describe... Currently my Desktop is running at 16:10 - 1680x1050 aspect ratio. The game is maximised according to PREVIOUS version (before the Spider Queen update), which is 16:9 ratio. Now, I can further maximise the window to 16:10, but problem arise from that.


When I play at 16:9, everything works fine - There's no click-through, no "Ghost", interaction works.

When I play at 16:10, interaction entities are stretched, or completely located at a different point on actual game, than on the image entities.

Additionally, I cannot hover over Heart and Hunger icons, to show the values.

Main Menu

Exit-game button is also unresponsive when I went 16:10 aspect ratio, while all the options on the Right side of the screen are off the images, and significantly stretched.

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Xentropy    10

I can confirm this as an issue I just ran into as well. As mentioned above, when using the Maximize button on a monitor with a 16:10 resolution ratio, once maximized to force 16:10 you need to have your mouse in the location where the thing you're clicking on would exist if it were actually 16:9 with part of the window off the right side of your screen. Additionally, when resizing manually in windowed mode the window is forced to 16:9 ratios, and can be a bit difficult to get a new size to "stick".

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