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Seeds & Birds

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Codyy    10

First off, let's talk about birds...

1. They land on top of seeds and can easily be farmed for their feathers and/or their meat.

2. If you don't even want to kill them, they'll repeatedly land on a seed, and if you're next to it, they'll fly away, sometimes dropping seeds, making them easily farmed.

Secondly, seeds...

1. Seeds have an incredibly high drop rate and when cooked over a fire, you can live off of them. You will never need another source of food.

So... The solution? I believe that the birds new to have their AI fixed a bit so they won't land if the player is within a certain distance of them, and the seed drop rate should be lowered, as well as how much health and hunger they replenish. I believe all three of these values should be lowered quite a bit to make the game much more balanced. Seeds are way too easy to farm and live off of.

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