[Gameplay] - Burnt trees do not register


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Burnt trees do not register

Issue Description: I have done this on a few different occasions. If you set a forest on fire, then run far enough away for the fire to stop spreading,you can then return to where the fire was. If you go to chop normal (not burnt) trees that are around the view able burnt ones, they are capable of being chopped in 1 hit, regardless of the size of tree. They will drop 3 logs and 2 pinecones (or less, depending on size of tree) as if it were a non burnt tree, when the server recognizes it as being burnt, therein allowing trees to be chopped down with 1 hit of an axe.

Steps to Reproduce: Set forest on fire, run 4-5 screens opposite direction of fire, then return to where the fire should have spread. Chop down full trees with 1 swing of an axe.

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