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[Gameplay] Stuck seeds and pigs

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Stuck seeds and pigs

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Seeds get dropped "under" things on their own.

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Once the seeds are "under" something the pigs nearby will keep trying to get at them until either they vanish or get bumped by something to where they get out to a reachable spot. The most common place seems to be under the pig king, I had 5 pigs hovering around him, walking into him trying to get at three seeds under his big butt. Eventually a 4th seed dropped and bounced the seeds out to where they got them, but before that, it made it too easy to kill two of the five in order to get a pig skin.

i'd say this is half game play and half exploit for making pig farming easy as they fell asleep next to the pig king. Although...I do see this as a potential way for the pigs to be out after dark on full moons, aside from being distracted by spiders or what have you.

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