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[Graphics] 2 bugs and an idea


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2 bugs and an idea

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new map gen can create very square sides and killing things near edges can make the items disappear.

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So i was trying out the new map gen and i realized that it seems to be more efficient at creating a balanced world but the edges of certain areas were very square which looked a bit wrong and was a little irritating. Also if items had been dropped on the ground (not sure if this happens if you place items) near the edges of the map (next to the sea) they would disappear. I assume this is so that random items (mainly from turkeys) would not float above the sea, however it does stop you from gaining items that you would normally be able to get.

Now onto a quick idea. I would like to see weather patterns with their own situations (wrong word but good enough) I.E if it is a storm you would have a chance to be struck by lightning (higher chances standing next to trees or carrying tools), or maybe rain which can increase the ferocity of frogs??? or spawn new enemies during rain. Also rain could quicken the rate at which fire dies. just a thought

lots of love and respect from a hopeful beginner game designer

Jonathan Richard Gundry

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