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Early Spider/Queen Feedback

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winddbourne    15

I started today with my old map, which had two spider "cities" all synched up at tier three. My first thought was to try to clear them and see what happened. Needless to say I died to an assault by three spider queens popping up all at once. Prior to that I was doing alright killing spider nests using a ring of traps and a tentacle spike. I'd cleared three nests in a seven nest spider city when the remaining nests spawned queens and reverted to level one nests.

Immediately I started a new, experimental style, map and started to explore noting how many spider nests I found and that the first few nests I located all were the normal "synched" level one nests we always encounter at the beginning of the game. Now I could start hacking nests down to De-synch them but that's not going to help with a spider-city I find days into the game or even further in depending on how fast I explore.

So my first bit of feedback is to spawn fewer than the old "normal" number of spider nests now that they have the ability to grow and spread. Also they need to spawn at random points in their development right from day number one. I shouldn't immediately encounter two synched nests (unless it was a glitch) but rather nests at different levels of development scattered across the maps. Starting nests also should be more spread out to give queens room to form their own spider cities.

Not sure if that helps but that's my initial feedback.

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