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[Gameplay] A Cold Reception issue


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Platform: Steam

Mods: No


When I've played A Cold Reception ROG in the past, the seasons would cycle winter and rain-heavy autumn no problem. This time when I played, I would overheat constantly during the autumn stage. I had to eat ice (which I could mine from full glaciers) to keep myself cool while exploring because what little nitre I could find was used up quickly. If this is how the stage is supposed to be now, it's nearly unplayable.


The only thing I could think of that triggered it was me using the console to spawn a boneshard to make a rain hat. I also came across a skeleton with a rain hat, rain coat, and cut grass, which I have never seen in all of my hours of playing.



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  • Developer

I'll take a look into the Cold Reception level to ensure it is working properly. In the screenshot, it looks like the proximity to the fire, and the Heatstone in the backpack could cause your heat to go up?

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As far as I know, you shouldn't overheat unless the thermometer is at max during summer. And prior to taking this photo I was dodging through trees trying to keep myself from overheating, away from any fires. I was overheating while mining full sized glaciers. I just took the screen right there to show the thermometer.


Also it just happened again on Archipelago. Suddenly it turns to day (maybe day 11), I get the sizzle, then overheat three seconds later. I had a thermal stone in my bag but the fire I had going during the night was not nearly high enough to give the stone a yellow coloring. I didn't have the mats on me to make a thermometer there and see what the outside temp was.


It's probably connected to the thermal stone, but I've never seen this happen before. In Cold Reception's case, you almost need to keep the stone on you all the time because of how rapidly the seasons change.


I'm going to try reinstalling. If that doesn't help I'd say look into the thermal stone. That or maybe Webber got ninja nerfed to overheat faster because of the spider fur? :p

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