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Servers disappeared? Cannot connect!


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First day I got this game and I was able to properly connect to my friend's server. I ran around with them, collected stuff, crafted stuff, etc. Nothing seemed to be wrong. We played until we got tired then exited after the save. By then, we had a couple of machines already and an abundance of useful material. The following day, it was different. I spent the day playing other games, then decided to join in on the fun, and got on DST. I could see other servers, and I tried to connect to my friend's. But it said it was unable to connect, so I exited and tried opening it up again. When I pressed play, all the servers disappeared on my screen. I tried hosting a server, but it said "Are you sure you want to host an online world?" Which was completely strange because I was still on online mode on Steam. I told my friend the problem and he tried to help me by making me:

>go to my steam library

>right click DST


>local files

>verify integrity of game cache

But that didn't work. So I assumed it was my internet, and I reset it completely. Didn't work even after that. Restarted PC, nope. Also, I just got this computer recently and there's no problem with it. Even redownloading DST didn't work. I understand it's still DST Beta and there's going to be problems, but does anyone have any idea how to fix this one? It's a bit strange and I'd love to play. 



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Can you try hitting the "Reset Filters" button at the top of the Filters tab to ensure you're not somehow filtering out all of the servers?


(You might have Show LAN set to "Yes" or something)

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