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Infinite Torch

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No mod usage

Version Number

Most recent in Don't Starve (Where There's a Wilson) and also present in Don't Starve Together

Steps to reproduce

Very simple; gather resources and create any given tool, such as an axe, which is what I used to test. Then, while holding the tool, create a torch such that it's in the earliest open spot, such as the first. Then, equip the torch and the tool you were holding should return to the first open spot. Doing this repeatedly, without allowing time for the 100% marker to tick down, allows you to use the torch indefinitely. I tested this with Wilson and WIllow (WIllow is easier because she comes with a tool already). It is not necessary to have the torch in your inventory at all times; you may deposit it in a chest or on the ground, and provided the above conditions are met, you may retrieve the torch and proceed to exploit.

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I searched the wiki and poked my head into the forums a little ways, and I didn't see much relating to this topic, which I found odd considering how useful an exploit this is (minus the immense sanity drain). I posted it anyway since it's still in the game. Thank you for your help!

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