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[Gameplay] Island Paths Not Connecting


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Island Paths Not Connecting

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Finding a path to nowhere

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I used the new generation for a world, and I found several paths on one side of an island, a couple of which didn't go anywhere. I also saw a bit of the bridge going to the new island, but there was a big chunk missing in the middle so I couldn't leave. There was also a lot of tiny parts of biomes on one side, and a lot more paths with no destinations.

(Also, this is just kind of a side note, could you make the Tallbirds less aggressive/intent on killing you? I would steal an egg near the beginning/middle of the day and they'd follow me until nighttime, then when I make a fire they kill me.

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I also found a few bridges to nowhere, and on top of that, I have a totally inaccessable island in my new world. Not even a hint of a bridge connecting to it. It looks connected if you bring up the map, but it's cut off in the actual game.

I suppose this stuff is to be expected, though, since it's an experimental terrain generator that's already known to be buggy.

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