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Disclaimer- I have very little programming background, so I will offer feedback and advice based on how well it will affect the game and not based on how feasible the changes might be. I understand some of these opinions may seem mechanically laughable when you think about how to implement them.


   So, on to the point of this topic. First off, I have noticed slight differences in DST that I have not observed in the original DS that I have taken to calling "exclusive features." Now, these aren't super cool craftable items, biomes, or anything that has a place in single player that some one would begrudgingly be deprived of in DS orignal, but more like necessary mechanical changes in the gameplay that makes sense given the number of players. Simple examples include things as tangible as the telltale heart to things more abstract as the number of hounds during hound attacks. These features are necessary additions to accommodate the number of players while maintaining the game's level of difficulty, and I would like to see more of it.



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