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[Gameplay] Logs and Pinecones Disappear Near Water

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Logs and Pinecones Disappear Near Water

Steps to reproduce

Create a test map.

Chop down Evergreen near water

Describe your issue

The log and pinecone drops do not fall into the water, but the ones that fall near the water just disappear only a second after they drop. I've tried dropping other items from my inventory near the water, but it does not have the same effect and the items just stay there like I'm assuming they're supposed to.

I have not checked to see if it will do the same on a default generated map, but I will next time I die (probably

Edit: Just tried it and the same thing happens. I also noticed that it happens when the logs do go out in the water, but I guess the real issue is that it happens while logs are still in reach as stated before.

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Tested on default

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