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[Gameplay] Died - Floating Items

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leapster    18

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Died - Floating Items

Steps to reproduce

Was in a large cluster of trees packed tightly together.

Treeguard spawned and killed me.

Dropped my items but I re-spawned with meat effigy.

Upon attempting to retrieve the dropped items a stack of Twigs was stuck floating in the air.

I tried to clear the area of all the rest of the trees and dig up the stumps, but was still unable to pickup the item. Wilson tried to pick up the item but it said he could not reach it.

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Full rundown of how it occurred:

I was in the middle of a large cluster of trees closely packed together. Midway through chopping a tree the treeguard spawned - I was holding spacebar and looking away and got killed. I had a meat effigy so no problem I re-spawned. When I went to go retrieve my old items I had a full stack of the twigs stuck midair - It looked as if it was stuck on a tree so i cut down all the trees in the area and dug up the stumps to clear the space.

Edit: Just to update I noticed that after I had logged out of that current game and back into the same world those items that were stuck were then on the ground and I was able to re-acquire them.

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