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[Gameplay] Floating gold over King Pig


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Floating gold over King Pig

Steps to reproduce

- Give King pig graveyard items and or meat.

- Try to pick up the gold.

Describe your issue

I gave the king pig two grave yard items, one being the rocket, the other being the ball in a cup. When I tried to pig up the gold, my character just kept running into the king pig. Upon moving the camera I noticed that the gold was stuck above the king pig. To further investigate I gave the king pig a piece of meat, which resulted in the previous four gold pieces to drop down to ground, whereas the newly made gold piece took their place in mid air.

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Experienced exactly the same bug.

EDIT: As a slight work around, clicking the gold causes the player to walk around the back and try to pick it up. If you keep clicking, eventually the character will start to shake from side to side, and the gold will slowly fall to the floor.

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Added work around
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The nuggets stopped completely in the air, and then I started running and the gold nuggets got affected by gravity again, but falling 10 times slower than regular. I think they were only moving while I was running and stopped once I stopped.

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