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Don't Starve Together Steam Give Away

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My name is Baron Blackbird & I stream for ~9 hours per day on the days I stream starting at 2100 PST (UTC -8). This will be our 2nd give away--- our first was on the 22nd & we gave away a copy of Don't Starve & Reign of Giants. Congratulations to our winner: twitch member MadyCF.

I currently divide my stream between Don't Starve & Dungeon Defenders II & my upcoming schedule is detailed below.

December Dates:

26th, 27th 28th & 29th

January 2015 Dates:
3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th
11th, 12th, 13th & 14th

If you like playing either of these games, are debating about purchasing one, have questions or simply want to be a part of a great community on twitch come on over to our stream & lurk or chat it up!

On December 26th we will be giving away a copy of Don't Starve Together during the Don't Starve portion of the show.

Hope to see you there,
Baron Blackbird

My Twitch Channel
You can always hit Follow on my twitch page ahead of time, to be notified when I go live just be sure to have notifications active on your twitch profile.
If you would like to know when I start streaming in your time zone, use the online convter of your choice or this one found: Here

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