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Feather Farming - birdcage idea

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saber61    10

Hey guys,

First off I love this game!

Second, I didn't know about the feeding birds (but do now) and was trying forever to see what use the cage had, which is what brought me here.

I built it thinking that it would let me farm feathers. So that's my idea. I think that having a pet bird would be a great way to farm feathers.

It could be done similar to honey in that you need to use paper on the cage once ever few days to clean the cage. Doing this would result in a chance to get feathers that fell out of your bird. the cage could look visually dirty to indicate it's cleaning time.

The other option was what I actually tired. Hit the cage with a hammer to scare/shake a feather out of your pet. This could be considered naughty and if done more then once a day kill the bird?



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mobius187    30

My suggestion would be this, right now if you feed the pet bird a fruit or vegetable it drops a random number of seeds. However, if you ever feed the bird seeds it just eats them... nothing happens. So why not have it that whenever you feed the bird seeds there's a 20% chance it will drop a feather? Seeds are easy to come by, compared to feathers, hence my suggested 1/5 chance. But you can sit there feeding it seeds and potentially get 1 feather for every 5 seeds. Not bad. Not great, but then maybe you already have tons of seeds you don't need (like me).

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PepsiPlunge    10

I agree with the OP. I would like more feathers so that I can build the blow darts, but I'd prefer not having to kill the birds to get them. For perspective, I can often find feathers in real life; bird do molt after all. I think the most logical way of handling it would also be to obtain the feathers from the bird cage in some capacity (I was convinced "harvesting" a bird cage would actually yield me feathers).

In my games, I do not kill non-aggressive animals (except Gobblers since they do steal my berries - although I've also run a few off of my island over the bridges instead) and would like to be able to play that way. If that means, no feathers, I'm not at a loss really, but being able to harvest feathers from a bird cage just seemed like an incredibly logical thing to be able to do.

Thanks for reading and for this excellent game! :D

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