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Pig Monster problems

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Zatio    10

Made camp in the pig village, planted saplings,grass and berry bushes went fine for days until i started to go to get poop the second time.I returned from poop hunting almost starving it was night time when i started the camp fire and activated my kettle, and noticed that the pigs where all sleeping out side their homes.Then they turned and killed me in 3 seconds.

My poor guy never stood a chance against the entire pig village turned into monsters. So any ideas why they turned?

All i know is that pigs become monsters if they don't go home or stay near light, so why did all the pigs in their village sleep out side when i returned at night time?

Did they some how become my followers when i settled down in their village? Or is it because of my camp fire that they

did not go home? And its not a bug i already asked but it all just seem to weird to me.

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LadyD    3424

Pigs can turn into werepigs with the cycle of the moon. when this happens they end up sleeping outside after they turn back.

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