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Solution for invisible ghost on shape-shifting character (like Wolfgang)

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RedMattis    39

I've found the solution for this, so I thought I'd share it with you since it was pretty tough to figure out based on the problem.


Basically you need to make the character stop shape shifting while dead.

-- All code stolen right from Wolfgang, so some of this might not be relevant for you.-- Just before your conditions which trigger shape shifting. In Wolfgang's case this is his "onhungerchange" function.if"nomorph") or        inst:HasTag("playerghost") or then        return    end-- Enable and disable stuff depending on if the character is alive or dead.local function onbecamehuman(inst)    if inst._wasnomorph == nil then        inst.strength = "normal"        inst._wasnomorph ="nomorph")        inst.talksoundoverride = nil        inst.hurtsoundoverride = nil        inst:ListenForEvent("hungerdelta", onhungerchange)        inst:ListenForEvent("newstate", onnewstate)        onhungerchange(inst, nil, true)    endendlocal function onbecameghost(inst)    if inst._wasnomorph ~= nil then        inst.strength = "normal"        inst._wasnomorph = nil        inst.talksoundoverride = nil        inst.hurtsoundoverride = nil        inst:RemoveEventCallback("hungerdelta", onhungerchange)        inst:RemoveEventCallback("newstate", onnewstate)    endendlocal function onload(inst)    inst:ListenForEvent("ms_respawnedfromghost", onbecamehuman)    inst:ListenForEvent("ms_becameghost", onbecameghost)    if inst:HasTag("playerghost") then        onbecameghost(inst)    else        onbecamehuman(inst)    endend

Hope this was useful to someone. Cheers.

Edited by RedMattis

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QuickShot010    12

How does this work if you use this code?

                inst:AddComponent("beard")                inst.components.beard.onreset = function()                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drok")                end                inst.components.beard.prize = "beardhair"                local beard_days = {1,2,3,4,5}                local beard_bits = {3,5,8,10,14}                inst.components.beard:AddCallback(beard_days[1], function()                        inst.components.beard.bits = beard_bits[1]                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drokquarter")                end)                inst.components.beard:AddCallback(beard_days[2], function()                        inst.components.beard.bits = beard_bits[2]                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drokhalf")                end)                inst.components.beard:AddCallback(beard_days[3], function()                        inst.components.beard.bits = beard_bits[3]                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drokfull")                end)                inst.components.beard:AddCallback(beard_days[4], function()                        inst.components.beard.bits = beard_bits[4]                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drokfullstubble")                end)                inst.components.beard:AddCallback(beard_days[5], function()                        inst.components.beard.bits = beard_bits[5]                        inst.AnimState:SetBuild("drokfullbeard")                end)

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