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[Balance] - Suggestion: Fusion Tweak

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Xpyder    1

Bug Submission:

Category: Balance

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Suggestion: Fusion Tweak

Issue Description: Fusion seems a bit too powerful atm, given it's more than double the power per turn as drip AND it lets you "buffer" power from terminals when you would be overcharging.

I'd suggest changing it to the following:

Use: 5 power

Cooldown: 6 or 7 turns

Generates 2 power per turn while on cooldown

This way it's still generating more power per turn than drip (tradeoff since it costs power to activate) but it still lets you buffer power from terminals making it more of a tactical tradeoff than a straight upgrade

Steps to Reproduce: just a suggestion, see description

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RizzleQ    28

Too powerful? I think you're overestimating different people's memory capacities. I keep on forgetting to save 5 PWR when I go on a hacking frenzy and I keep forgetting to even activate Fusion. That makes me not like Fusion, even though it's technically better than Power Drip.

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Shirsh    129

it does not matter what program I chose at the beginning, almost everytime I have no more than 3 or 4 power (only fusion may occasionally force me save 5), even more so now, with Banks' chip)

Fusion gives me hope that this time I will have enough power and I even gather energy to test Abacus, but there are always more important tasks)

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