Found a huge login bug and i can't work around it


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Long story short.
So when i registered the server was really laggy and buggy so i spamm clicked, so i got like 10+ verifiation mails so what i did was click the first one on my mail and clicked the link and it said my game was confirmed and everything would work but it did not (gues i should have choosen the newest link insted of the first one).

After i got it confirmed it would work i removed all the mails (bad move)

So when i try and login it says "try again" it sends me to re send the mail site, and the problem is i can NOT choose another mail becasue it says my STEAM ID is already in use, so i choose my first mail again and the it says mail ALREADY in use so there is no worrking around this problem.

TL:DR I want another verifiation mail sent to me so i can play the game. the game says im already registered on my steam id and mail but i am NOT becasue i clicked the wrong verifiation link i gues even thought the game said it was complete and everything

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