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[Crash] Crashes while saving / in option menu


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Crashes while saving / in option menu

Steps to reproduce

-don't know how to reproduce this

- happens to me everytime i start the game(can't play the game at all)

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Game Version:
latest (18. December 2012, 22:06pm)


Options menu:

- dont change anything and press the button CLOSE ->
game crashes

- pressing APPLY -> (Accept Changes?) CANCEL ->
works fine

- pressing APPLY -> (Accept Changes?) ACCEPT ->
game crashes

In game:

- pressing ESC -> SAVE AND QUIT -> I SAID QUIT ->
game crashes

To me it looks like the game isn't able to save any data.

Played this game for over 35 hours, spread on more than 4 days.. never had any problem.

What i tried before posting:

- checked for free space on my hdd's.

- checked for a write protection on my hdd's.

- reinstalled the game

- deleted "latest", "profile" and "restart" files located

in the "Steam/userdata/MY-STEAM-ID/219740/remote" ->
game crashes in the moment i started it

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