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[Crash] Game freezes when closing without internet.

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Sohtan    10

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Issue title

Game freezes when closing without internet.

Steps to reproduce

1. Make sure internet is disconnected

2. start up the game

3. play in a map

4. upon trying to click yes on Wilson will miss you box, the game freezes. Needing alt+f4 to close it

Describe your issue

Not sure if its something with my computer or OS(i use windows 7 ultimate). i first noticed the bug when my internet went out during a snow storm. upon trying to exit the game, it froze. It then happened again when i played offline.

Edit: did a bit more testing on my laptop. I can consistently reproduce the game freeze each time i turn off wireless or internet on both of my computers(laptop and home computer). You however need to be in fullscreen mode for it to happen.

Edit 2: forgot to mention, My laptop uses Windows 7 home premium. If people with an OS other than win7 try this, it would help determine if its the OS or some other program i might be using

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Wade    301

I'm assuming that this would be because the Cloud Sync is trying to save the game.

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