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[Gameplay] Bee mine spawning bees infinitely

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Vandragorax    10

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Bee mine spawning bees infinitely

Steps to reproduce

Created bee mine, placed in between two islands at the join point. Lured hound over them and one of the mines constantly explodes over and over without disappearing, creating hundreds of bees.

Describe your issue

Bee mine infinitely spawning bees when I lured a hound over it. See screenshot below.

I realised the game was about to hang or something as the bees wouldn't stop spawning, so I pressed esc and quit to reload hoping it would stop them, which it did. There were still hundreds of bees around though, and still are, and the mine is still there.

I placed the mine in between two islands where there was a join, I have also picked up and moved the mine a few screens away and had the same result, the mine explodes constantly filling the screen with bees but the mine doesn't disappear. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome having a map full of bees to attack things for me, but it makes the hounds somewhat trivial as I just kite them through the bee hoard


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