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[Graphics] Game is in windowed mode, can't change graphic opt


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Game is in windowed mode, can't change graphic opt

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Normal start the game, it happens always

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The game starts in windowed mode. I can stretch it over my whole screen, but i cant change it to full screen. In options i cant change any graphic options (the options are shaded out, and nothing happens when I click on arrow to change),like resolution (it is stuck on 640x480) or refresh rate (60), full screen (disabled), display (in display option is this \\.\DISPLAY1 ) Only options I can change are bloom, and other 3 sound options.

I am on windows xp, with latest drivers installed for my gpu. Also the game worked without problems before (i could change options, play it in full screen and similar things). But after the update with bloom I think the game would not launch as for many other people, so I didn't played it any more for few next patches (and how I read on this forum it was because of win xp, and that the problem is fixed).

Trying to press alt + enter doesn't do anything because I saw that suggestion somewhere.

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