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[Gameplay] Stacking dropped seeds

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Erwin    10

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Stacking dropped seeds

Steps to reproduce

-Scare bird so he drops seeds

-Wait until the bird lands again at the same spot

-Scare the bird away in time

-Two seeds ontop of each other

(this may work more than twice.)

Describe your issue

I am not quite sure if this is a bug or not, but i don't think that this should be happening as it is.

If you scare away a bird, it will land on the same spot again and have a chance of dropping seeds.

This results in stacking seeds on one spot by scaring a single bird multiple times.

I do not think a bird should be able to drop more than one seed during one day.

(If needed: I have some screenshots, but i can't attach them.)


(You can see that the seed-count increases by two in my inventory.)



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Wade    309

We are adjusting the drop rate and the process for how birds drop seeds.

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