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First mod - error with change of build ?

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Simsure    37

Hello, then realizing the minimum of programming I wanted to try to make a mod , I tried to make an animal , I created the brain and everything else and it works , I was trying to implement the change of fur when winter comes as with rabbits , I opened their code to look for what he did change happen I took the codes that seemed essential and I put them in my animal , and the code you can see below ( only the part that changes the hair) , but when I start Don't Starve, closes without any error message .

Can you give me a hand?

sorry for my english

The rest of the code works I have already tested , this is when I added that began on crash

local assets={Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),Asset("SOUND", "sound/test.fsb"),}local function DonWinterFur(inst) inst.AnimState:SetBuild("test_winter_build") end local function BecomeNormal(inst) inst.AnimState:SetBuild("test_build") end local function BecomeWinter(inst) if not GetSeasonManager() or GetSeasonManager():IsSummer() then BecomeNormal(inst) else DonWinterFur(inst) end end


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Mobbstar    14123

Are you sure you didn't change anything else? Missing commas or "end"s easily happen. If your anim and sound files exist, DS should be able to launch.


Consider uploading your mod for further examination.

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