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[Crash] Can't Continue After Death

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Can't Continue After Death

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Can't seem to reproduce, first death in game just as night started due to spider. Might just be a timing thing.

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Unfortunantly I can't reproduce the 'crash'.

What happened though was I died on my first playthrough just as night was starting (go figure). It was a death to a spider. The normal screen popped up after death, but the game kept going (spider moving around, darkness showed up, icon on top right kept moving, monster thing kept attacking, ect). I couldn't click on any of the available buttons, and ended up restarting the game to get it going. I didn't make any progress, so I'm unsure if it saved or not.

I'm putting this here more for the benefit of the next guy that runs into this, hopefully they will have some extra info that will allow reproduction.

Great game though, really enjoying it.

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When a game "saves," it saves your Technological progress, not Physical progress. if you start a new game instead of starting a new world, you will retry on the same map. if you restart on a new world, the game will generate a new world for you to survive on. if you want to re-spawn with the same game, with all your camp and gear, research and craft a "Meat Effigy" to create a one time use spawn point.

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